Service in Lünen – Leaf springs



Trapezoidal springs and the modern parabolic springs, made by Axtone, are well proven spring elements for freight wagons all over Europe and beyond – in many dimensions and special designs!

Refurbishment is not a simple assembly process with visual checking of broken leafs and replacement of that.

It is an essential aspect that the leafs will be heat treated after the straightening. This neutralizes the stresses of the straightening process. After the process the original characteristics of the springs are renewed.


Leaf spring before the refurbishment

Leaf spring after the refurbishment

Process Description:

  1. Identification
  2. Disassembly
  3. Visual checking
  4. Production flow (leafs are straightened, heat-treated, cleaned by shot peening in preparation for the magnetic-powder crack detecting. After the shot-peening, parabolic leafs are primed with a zinc paint)
  5. Testing (in accordance with UIC 821 / EN 14200 or other clients requirements)
  6. Painting (coated with water-based paint)
  7. Production of new spare part leafs: if necessary, a new leaf will be added
  8. Technical features



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